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Code of Conduct or How NOT to be a Jagoff!

Steel City Buzz is designed to be a place for Pittsburgh fans to connect to talk about sports. We created SCB because we wanted a place just for Pittsburgh fans to connect about sports ... no haters, no trolls, and just Pittsburgh sports 24/7.

Mr. Pigskin User Tips

Our goal is to keep Steel City Buzz a great place for all Pittsburgh fans. So, here is a reminder of a few ground rules that you agreed to when you clicked on our Terms of Use:

  1. Don't be a Jagoff – no personal attacks, vulgarity, ethnic or racial slurs. Not cool. You will get booted… for life.
  2. No language that threatens harasses or encourages illegal acts.
  3. No material that is defamatory, libelous or infringes on a copyright or trademark.
  4. No attacks based on sexual orientation or gender.
  5. No solicitations or advertisements for any purpose – send an email to for a rate card!!
  6. No impersonations of anyone.

The content you post is your own. This means if you knowing post information that is inaccurate, false, confidential, or slanderous, you post at your own risk. Which means, that if you are sued for your content, you are responsible and we are obligated to comply 100% with any law authorities in assisting in your prosecution. Do not post rumors or information that you know is inaccurate, false or confidential.

SCB is a sports focused site. Posts regarding extraneous topics -- religion, politics etc… will be deleted. Use your Twitter or Facebook page to promote or vent about any agenda items you have or how many donuts you ate today.

When we see a post that violates these rules, we reserve the right delete the comment(s) and/or to ban you from Steel City Buzz. You will see several SCB users that have "Admin" titles. These folks are on to help answer questions and on the lookout for fans who do not want to play by the rules.

You also can report abusive posts by sending a complaint to We will have our Jagoff Patrol follow-up with your issue.

To the 99.99% of fans who never have to worry about these rules, THANK YOU for your support. For the .01% who choose to be a problem, we will be looking for you and we NEVER sleep.